Torchwood Motion Comic: Web of Lies
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Torchwood, Saison 4: Le jour du miracle
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Torchwood Motion Comic: Web of Lies

Episode 1

Episode 1 : Part 1

Young conspiracy theorist, Miles Morki, is shot in Los Angeles, but he doesn't die ? this is Miracle Day. When it's revealed that he knew the Miracle was coming, his sister, Holly Mokri, is determined to figure out what he knew and why he was silenced. And back in 2007, Gwen Cooper saw Jack Harkness abducted in front of her ? what happened to him and how is it tied to the events in LA four years later?

Episode 2

Episode 2 : Part 2

While following the clues Miles left behind, Holly has a eureka moment but the answers she finds only makes things more complicated. In 2007, Jack's abductor gets serious and Gwen is on the chase to save him before it?s too late. Holly continues to unravel the mystery but, faced with tough decisions, will she discover the ultimate key she is after?